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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Vedic Learning Experience with Swami Ram Charran at the Heendu Learning Center. Here at the Center, members and visitors are given the opportunity to look at the past, present, and future aspects of their lives.

For the past 20 years, Swami Ram Charran has been helping thousands of people change their lives for the better. Some of you have been part of this experience and thus, as a result of the Heendu Learning experience, you are now leading happier lives. In this upcoming year, we here at the Center wish to help you even more by providing more knowledge, simpler books and better advice on how to improve your life for the years ahead. A prime example of this is our new LIFECODE™ series of books, designed to help you look deeper into your karmic past, present and future. Also, the new yearly Patra and the new Birthdates Handbooks have been re-designed using the secrets of THE VEDIC CODE OF SCIENCE. This new code system utilizes numbers in a broader aspect and has now made the system of Jyotish and Vedic Astrology easier to understand so that you can answer life’s question easier on your own instead of looking for Guru to provide answers to simple questions. You will be able to remove your troubles more easily and rapidly.

In addition, Swami Ram Charran has produced many more books that will help you increase your knowledge of the Hindu Devtas and their influence on your daily life. He has produced easy-to-read Puja Books, a variety of Mantra tapes, and now available, video versions of Puja Procedures, T.V. interviews, and much more. Still, Swami Ram Charran strives to continue to bring even more products and services that will make your life happier and more prosperous.

The new yearly books are now available and are being sent to you automatically if you are currently in our mailing list. Go to http://www.swamiram.com to place your memberships or your name on our mailing list. You may also send us an e-mail swamicharran@yahoo.com, or send us a letter to the address indicated above. Be sure to include your birth information and correct name for your readings and handbooks.

We hope that our efforts to provide you with great advice and the priceless knowledge of the Vedic sciences will continue to help improve your life always. Please continue to live your life according to the rules of the universe and follow all the disciplines given to you by the Gods.










I offer you my great love, respect and blessings,





Swami Ram Charran



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Just like your fingerprints, everyone has a birthday code that can never be duplicated with the same name. This forms a unique code since no person born on the same day will have the same name; if they do, they will have similar experiences in life.

People with similar birthdates can experience the same events in their lives, and more so when their birthdates and names are similar. A person’s birthdate marks the beginning of their lifeline, and so it is regarded highly as a coordinate point that can determine the direction and the path that the lifeline of the person will take. The name of a person determines the characteristics of the person’s lifeline as they proceed from birth towards death. This chapter is restricted to information about the birthday code.

The foundation of your life is embedded in the Birth Code itself. This code is used as a base number to determine how every other code affects your life in terms of achievements, objectives, beliefs, emotions and more. It will explain your relationships with others, your marriage, love life, your likes and dislikes. It will determine the kind of career you follow, the type of car you should buy for success, the type of colors suited best for you, the type of jewelry you should use for success and more. The Birth Code will advise you when to travel safely, when you should have children, when you should buy a house for success, what address is lucky for you and where you should buy it…and more

To find your birthday code, the following table has been provided. Each birthdate from January 1 to December 31 is included in the table. Against each month and day of birth, you will find the Vedic Code that matches that day of birth. This number or code will be referred to as your Birth Code.

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How the behavior of parents affect the children


As a swami I come across all the different types of people who ask questions like …

  • Why am I successful with Money and Career but have failed in love?
  • Why do I enjoy good sexual relations with the opposite sex but failed in marriage?
  • Why do I have a problem having a family life but have no problem dating guys?
  • Why am I attracted to members of the same sex more instead of the opposite sex?
  • I have met more than nine men in my life but none of them wanted to marry me?
  • Why can’t I have children in my marriage, what is the cause of this?
  • Why did I lose my child in a miscarriage, what is the cause of this karma?
  • Does the way I dress have anything to do with how my parents treated each other?
  • Sibling rivalry …how does that help me?
  • Why am I uncomfortable when someone hugs me or touches me on my shoulder?
  • What are the effects of my parent’s behavior on my Karma and Life path?
  • Why did my husband died soon after my child was born…why do this happen to me?
  • And more

Here are the answers as given by the Gods…and the Law of karma

If mother was very lonely and Dad was working all the time then you were never given the attention of your Dad and so if you were not very much loved by him then you would not have learned how to relate with a male person that you love. If Dad never hugged you then you would become touchy later with your husband touching you therefore you would be sensitive to the touch of your male partner. If Mom was cold to you as a son then also you would be cold to your female lover. Most of the time, if you did not have a good relationship with your mother then you will not have a good relationship with your wife or your mother-in-law. If you did not have a good relationship with your father you would not have a good relationship with your husband or father-in-law. If your father was an alcoholic you will have either an alcoholic husband or may be addicted to some form of drug or stimulant yourself. If mother had an abortion prior or after you, chances are that you will have lost a child by abortion or miscarriage also. Usually when it’s a first abortion, it is a male child.  If you were sexually abused by a parent or family member as a young child, young girls will suffer severe cramps in their menstrual cycle and young boys will have possible homosexual tendencies in their sexual preferences. If a mother spoils a son to the point of not making him help himself as a young man, he will not be able to perform well in his lovemaking when he gets married. If you keep meeting men in your life, sleeps with them and never marry anyone of them, it’s because your father was separated from your mother at a young age and he never paid any attention to you as a child such as not hugging you or spending time with you as a daughter. If a male child was physically abused as a young child, then when he gets married, he will abuse his wife and his children also. If the wife, during her pregnancy was denied attention from the husband, the child will become someone who will have “hot mouth” and insult her lovers very easily. If a pregnant woman thinks of leaving her husband during pregnancy, then when the baby takes birth, soon after they will be separated or the husband will die from accident or some other means of violence. As seen in the movie called the Unborn, you will observe that if the first child is aborted, the second child will suffer severe mental problems or may run away from home later. If a pregnant wife does not trust her husband and accuses him of illicit affairs during the pregnancy, the baby, after being born, will later do not trust the opposite sex in his or her life, and will have love problems. If the pregnant woman is distressed by the in laws, the baby so born from this pregnancy will never listen to the advice of any one in authority. He or she may seek a career in higher authority.  If a child when less than 7 years young sees the parents in sexual positions then that child will look at every relationship as one of sexuality and the sexual energy will be intensive throughout his or her life.  Every child born out of wedlock after a sexual relationship will suffer love and relationship problems throughout their life.  When a male child is abused sexually during his puberty age, his sexual orientation will be towards the sexual identification of the abuser. For example if a man abuses a young boy, the boy will become attracted to men. If the victim is a female, the girl will be attracted to older men. If the abuser is female to female, the same will happen; the girl may become a lesbian.

Just like how the birth of twins is transferred into the future generation, so also are other actions transferred. If the Mother was sexually abused by a family member, so also will be the daughter and the granddaughter. The only way to stop the curse from passing on is for the daughter to tell the mother about it as the mother has the ability to remove such hereditary curses on her life as well as the grandchildren. If the father was involved in many illicit relationships during his daughters early childhood, that can fall as a curse on her love life where no man will be good enough for her, thus causing her to remain single for a long time.

When young children are criticized, accused falsely, physically abused, and not loved, they will do badly in school and will not have successful careers.  A close observation will reveal that when a father is involved in a Business of his own of some sorts, the child born during that time will surely be business oriented in his or her life and lots of money will pass thru their hands.

What is the greatest Karmic Test our parents have given to us: (based on your birthdate)

(Add your month and date and reduce to a single digit, then check the following by that digit.)

1.    Distress & Worry, Loneliness  CURE: learn to control you mind, learn to be independent

2.    Never enough love, Strong tongue, Helpful hands, love to be praised, love for music,    CURE: Watch your speech, Learn to sing, Pray, Be grateful, love insiders more….

3.    Love for Children, Ego for attention CURE: Do not be Childish, Seek Knowledge

4.    Stress, Hard Work, Low income,   CURE: Learn to relax, Exercise, Eat natural foods

5.    Charm, Distrust, Strong mind & feet, intuition, sexual energy, knowledge, changing…      CURE: Consider other’s feelings, Realize God sees all, Help the world, Create change

6.    Frustration, Ego, Power, Fears, Responsibility, Doubts, fear of change, fear of control      CURE: Realize that you are not in control- God exists, seek knowledge, be humble

7.    Love problems, fear of expression, emotional torture, inner enjoyment, critical,       CURE: Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Singing, Speeches, Priests, Lecturer, Astrology

8.    Love for money, Material thinking, Luxury, Beauty, Actors, performers, fashion…  CURE: Realize that Money is temporary & Love is permanent, Give more charity

9. Struggle, Spending, Ego, Distrust, Energy, Love problems, fear of spirits, Sicknesses, CURE: Ocean water, Belief not doubt in God, Knowledge, humility, respect for elders, do not hate, spread love not anger,

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An apple comes from an apple tree. Any fruit can carry only the ingredients of the tree from whence it came. At the time of pregnancy, all that took life from the parents during the nine months of gestation, whatever experiences and emotions took place in the life of the parents, have inculcated into the unborn baby.

Think about this carefully. If a woman is treated cruelly and abused during the nine months of pregnancy, wouldn’t the unborn baby absorb all the negative emotions she expressed while being ill-treated? Imagine if a pregnant woman was pampered with lots of love and attention during the period of pregnancy. How do you think the unborn baby would be affected?

In genetic science, we know that the physical traits of parents such as the nose, eyes, etc. are transferred to the unborn child as gestation takes place. Are you aware also that besides physical traits, the spiritual traits of the parents are also transferred to the unborn child? Just as the egg and sperm of the parents is unseen by the naked eye, so also the unseen karma of the parents is transferred to the child during pregnancy. These karmic characteristics take hold of your life from birth to death. These inherited karmic characteristics affect your behavior, responses, feelings and emotions with others throughout your life.

If we are aware of what our parents were doing at the time of the pregnancy, we could use this information to determine the weaknesses and strengths in our inherited karma. We could then be able to live a more successful life using this information to improve on our weaknesses and cash in on our strengths. For example, if a person has Vedic Birth Code #2, this would indicate that this person, mother or father, at the time of pregnancy, yearned for attention during the pregnancy. The child, after he or she was born, would want to hug and embrace a great deal in life. They would have a problem saying no to people because of their soft-heartedness.

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Welcome To The Heendu Learning Experience

Everyone Needs A Guru Or Advisor….Even Kings, Presidents And Gods

No matter who or what you are, the guru is a necessity in your life. We are all lost wanderers in the ocean of life. We need a direction, a goal and an aim to sustain us. The entire span of existence is spent searching for a purpose. We look for it in wealth, in status, in relationships, but ultimately realize the illusory quality of these pleasures, and when a man reaches old age, he feels that life has cheated him. He feels that it was all futile and meaningless. He is bankrupt. If you reflect closely on your life, you will find that you have spent it entirely in the search of something.
You knock on many doors, and return defeated. You search for eternal love, but it eludes you, you hunt after money and status, but it is just a temporary quest. In addition, even after attaining it, you still fell dissatisfied and discontented. Even if you supposedly have all the requisites for a happy and successful life, such as beauty, friends, wealth and success, you still cannot eliminate that nagging insecurity which haunts you in fear of growing old, the fear of death. In times of solitude, these fears become living realities and you feel shattered.
Many people have argued that a guru is not necessary, that the real guru is within us. This is true. However, how many of us can claim to hear him, understand him, or follow his instructions? In fact, we even tend to doubt his existence. The mental concepts of man are limited and gross; the mind is a tumult of turbulent passions, desires and ambitions. Amidst all this commotion, how is it possible for you to hear the voice of your guru, which is the voice of silence? You cannot deny that at times you have suffered due to you inability to cope with the circumstances and the cruelties which befall you. You may have enormous wealth, but your poor health does not permit you to enjoy it. You have children, but they fall prey to drugs, schizophrenia and insanity. You have a good job, but you do not derive the mental satisfaction you are seeking. On the other hand, maybe you business is not stable, sometimes the evil and negative influences of an ill-wisher casts a spell on your family. Whichever way you look at it, it seems a losing battle. You have tried every method to surpass these difficulties, but in vain.
 You have been to psychiatrists and doctors, even your own efforts have not succeeded. However, if you realize that the guru is the simplest remedy for even these afflictions then you will save yourself a lot of trouble. The guru is there to take care of your practical as well as spiritual difficulties. He can cure your sickness; his positive influence can eliminate any evil spells that are affecting your life. Your children may not pay heed to your advice but they will surely listen to him. If your business is at stake, you may consult him about any imminent dangers. The guru does not exist in the realm of the senses. He has attained psychic vision and his knowledge has advanced beyond the limitations of time and space. He has developed the power of intuition, and therefore he can know your past, present and future.
Divine powers work through him and, therefore, association with him always brings you good results. His advice is accurate and his judgment sound. He is fully aware of the dangers that may befall you, and if you seek his advice, he can warn you well in advance, but, in order to understand him, you must be receptive to his words. You must try to behold an enduring relationship with him, so that, when you need him, he is there to guide and protect you.


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